Himalayan Salt Lamps | Salt Lamp Benefits

Does a Himalayan salt lamp really work?

Himalayan salt lamp works by adding negative ions to the air. This is done using the moisture already in the air in your home. The water vapors in your home carry in them dust, pollen and other molecules. Since salt attracts water naturally it draws in the moisture in the air from your home. When you add the himalayan salt to a lamp. The heat from the light bulb below the lamp actually heats the salt.  This process releases the water back into the air through evaporation. Meanwhile all of the contaminants remain trapped in the Himalayan salt lamp. The health benefits to this type of air cleaning are numerous.

  • Reducing allergens in the air
  • Increasing your overall energy levels
  • Reduce electromagnetic radiation
  • Get better sleep
  • Relieve seasonal depression
  • Reduce static electricity in the air
  • The release of negative ions

One of the things that we often get asked is "what is the difference between Himalayan salt and table salt?"

There are numerous differences really. But, let's start with the fact that table salt is highly processed. When it is processed this much the salt loses the minerals and trace elements. When you digest this in your body. It turns into sodium chloride. Studies have shown that for every gram of table salt you consume your body actually uses 20 times that amount to neutralize the salt.On the other hand, Himalayan salt is not processed. By being a natural salt your body does  not have to work nearly as hard to get rid of it. It actually, helps your body energize and helps with your nervous system.

Himalayan salt lamp will charge the air with negative ions.

One of the things that occurs naturally in nature is the production of negative ions. These are produced by ocean waves, lightning, waterfalls and even naturally in the sunlight. So what do negative ions actually do? Negative ions help with the flow of oxygen in your body. Especially to the brain. They may also help protect against germs in the air. One of the things that a negative ion does do though is help protect against allergens and other pollutants. Places in the world that have high concentrations of negative ions like beaches and waterfalls have on average a negative ion concentration of 10,000 in a cubic centimeter.  While busy cities have an average of 100 negative ions per square centimeter. This is why people are generally happier in these places then they are in a big city.

So let's get to the nitty gritty of the Himalayan salt lamps.

While salt lamps do put off negative ions. The amount that a Himalayan salt lamp puts off is not a lot. Now with this said, the amount of negative ions put into the air by a Himalayan salt lamp still makes them worth the purchase. They have been proven if you place them in the right places to improve your mood.  The best way to use a Himalayan salt lamp is to add one to every room of your home. Not only will this add a great look to your home. This will help with reducing the allergens and increase the positive ions throughout the whole house. Buy placing a Himalayan salt lamp next to your bed at night the positive ions will help you sleep better along with often times waking up in a better mood with more energy.