Hypnotic Gems Gallery: Pack of 4 Premium Quality Cube Shaped Himalayan Salt Candle Holder - Natural Air Purifying Hand Carved Tealight Salt Lamp - Completely Natural Ionic Air Purifier

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Manufacturer Description

The Hypnotic Gems ® brand of Premium Salt Candle light Holders starts with leading grade salt from a particular mine that we have partnered with in the Himalayan Mountains. The salt used to make these candle holders is so pure that it is a food grade salt which is safe for human usage, and our center for producing these lamps is signed up with the US FDA as a food center!

This carefully picked premium salt is hand sculpted by Hypnotic Gem's master craftsmen into these gorgeous natural air purifying salt candle holders in a big variety of shapes. Due to the fact that each piece is hand crafted every piece is special and unique and no two are precisely alike. When you buy you will get four of these incredible hand sculpted candle holders which is similar to those displayed in our images. When dark the candle holder is a lovely light whitish pink to orange hue, and once illuminated it emminates a warm and peaceful amber orange colored radiance. When lit the salt instantly starts to naturally filter the air with unfavorable ions streaming from the extra pure salt and binding to positively charged dust particles bringing them to the ground and leaving the air fresh. People with asthma will typically discover that just a few of these candle holders in a space assistance to lower or alleviate their systems, considering that you can easily change the candle lights and keep them lit for as long as you like and keep the purifying effect for as long as you require.

** Note: The salt used in these lamps can vary in shade and patterning from one candle holder to the next considering that it is a totally natural earth mined salt chunks and not a processed and formed salt. Often when dark pure high quality Himalayan salt might be extremely light whitish pink or they might have more pink to orange color. The average size of these holders is 4" on each side and 2.5" tall but this can vary a little from one to the next considering that they are all hand crafted. Tea light candle lights are not included and are offered individually.

Product Features

Four Premium Grade Natural Hand Carved Salt Tealight Holders Salt Quality: Top Grade Premium Salt - Made only with Food Grade Salt approved by the FDA for human consumption! Weight and Size: Each piece averages 1 to 2 pounds and measures 4" on each edge. Each and every hand crafted candle holder is unique and the pieces you receive will be similar to those shown in our images. Includes only Authentic Hypnotic Gems Certified Salt Candle Holders - a Brand with Quality that you Know and Trust

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