Superdental Himalaya USB Plug LED Heart Shape Natural Hymilian Salt Rock Crystal Salt Lamp Hand Carved (Salt Lamp) US STOCK

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Manufacturer Description

Size: 7 * 11cm
Weight:700 g
Working concept
Crystal salt lamp can discharge natural unfavorable ions, specifically under heating condition, can effectively balance the content of positive and unfavorable ions in the air. It is a natural air purifier. The German Institute of biophysics has actually exposed the principles of air purification for salt lights. Crystal salt stone is the main part of sodium salt, salt lamp absorb water from the air, and then vaporize, and then absorb water, and then evaporation, rotating reciprocating, in the procedure of continuous unfavorable ions.
Salt lamp maintenance
In the light of salt under normal environment is not melt, just in a humid environment for a very long time without light salt lamp will appear salt deliquescent, if your salt lamp appeared deliquescence phenomenon, do not fret, please light salt lights, lamp surface part quickly will be liquified we advise that you extend the day light salt lamp time, the domestic area continued to have a sufficient variety of unfavorable ions and lengthen the service life of the lamp salt.
particular prior to they order.
HIMALAYAN PINK SALT NIGHT LAMP: Himalayan Glow's Pink Salt Light is distinct - The lamp is made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. Unlit, the crystal's rough-hewn, irregular surface looks pink. You can alter the color of the bulb to provide a various shade to the lighting area. Attempt it as a bedside lamp NEW DIMMER SWITCH: On 10/11/17, Himalayan Glow changed the dimmer switch in this item with a brand-new, ETL-certified, fire-safe, heat-resistant dimmer. Himalayan Glow makes the highest quality, best-selling Himalayan salt lights. Includes 6-foot power cable, dimmable rotary switch, and 25W light bulb - all which are ETL Noted DIMMABLE HOME DESIGN: Himalayan Glow's Himalayan Salt Light is adjustable with the built-in dimmer to match the ambiance.

Product Features

Each salt lamp is a natural shape, and the item you receive may not be the same as those pictures or the outbox, but they must have a posture! Natural things must have their natural beauty. The charm of a salt light lies in its lack of artificial shapes and patterns on the lamp body, ice fall, spirals, and so on. Buyers are aware of this characteristic before they order Crystal salt lamp is not only a decorative art, gifts, more important is it itself is a natural and effective negative ion generator, negative ion and excessive air, adsorption in the air, dust, smoke and dust, play a role in purifying air. This type of natural salt lamp is shipped at random. Other shapes, natural stone. Please noticed before order, in order to avoid unnecessary returns and the difference in assessment, each one must have its unique charm, which received because the edge, unique shape by imagination, warm light sent something warm! The crystal salt lamp is divided into two parts, one is salt mine, the other is the base, and the other is the power supply. The two parts are combined together to form a complete crystal salt lamp. Crystal salt lamp has a pure natural beauty, tasteless, no harmful radiation, no internal maintenance; crystal salt lamp made of natural crystal salt ore handmade; Himalaya Range natural rock salt, commonly known as crystal salt.

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